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Full time/Part-time consulting/Volunteering roles:

1. Part-Time Paid/Volunteer Roles:

We are looking for passionate part-time assistance (depending on seniority, experience and delivery commitment, we will offer an honorarium) in the following areas. Location ideally Gurgaon/Manesar/Delhi though some of these roles can be done remotely.

  1. Industrial Safety especially on Power Presses.

  2. Indian Labour Laws, Factory Act and other laws relevant to our work.

  3. Research/Surveys, data collection, data-analysis and presentation.

  4. Digital Marketing/Social media/web-site management to improve our digital presence among various stakeholders including Hindi speaking workers.

  5. Communication collateral for workers in Hindi/Oriya.

  6. Management of contact with Investors in Indian auto-sector to push the safety agenda.

  7. Training especially for Industrial workers (we need your soft training skills; we can provide content).

  8. Senior contacts in government (ideally retired IAS, etc officers who now want to give back to the society)

  9. Creating Audio-visual content eg. build a storyline with us, shoot content and create short videos.

  10. SME factory experience and contacts in Gurgaon-Manesar especially in auto-sector manufacturing.

  11. RTI (Right to Information) to obtain information from government departments.

  12. Fund-Raising of donations from individuals/CSR (Indian passport holders only can donate to us). We do not pay commissions on donations received so CSR-agents need not contact us.


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