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2022: Year in Review. Thanks for your support on this long journey to Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas.

Dear supporters of Safe in India and Indian worker community

We have now completed six years of operations and this time has been filled, as you would expect, with some gratifying successes and many trials and tribulations. 2022. We have come a long way, with much done, but there is so much more to do to address so many challenges to improve working conditions and social security for the workers, and to help India in its missions of Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikaas - by helping improve working conditions and indeed Indian Labour Productivity

Here is a short video with highlights of 2022 and glimpses of first six years. Feedback welcome:

Key highlights:

Pillar 01: Direct injured worker support for their ESIC healthcare and compensation

Total injured workers assisted now up to 5,000+ in the past six years.

We expect to raise the bar to 2,500+ injured and. non-injured workers per annum now in the next 3 years.

Total compensation value obtained rose to Rs. 40crore+ by Jan23.

We expect to raise the bar to c. Rs20crore every year from now.

Launched our third worker’s assistance centre in Pune, Maharashtra in Dec22 (launch blog here.)

The first two are in Haryana in its two auto sector hubs - Manesar and Faridabad.

Pillar 2: Helping improve work-place safety in the auto sector supply chain and help improve India’s labor productivity.

Released fourth annual flagship report: CRUSHED22, with national evidence of worker injuries in the auto sector supply chain for six states and more auto sector brands. Executive summary of the report can be found here.

Released second annual report: SafetyNiti22, which analyses the worker safety policies of the top 10 auto-sector brands in the country for their own (ever-increasing proportion of) contract workers and workers in their deeper supply chain.

Increased constructive engagement with auto sector brands though long way to go to see material difference in worker safety in the supply chain: Maruti Suzuki started engaging since CRUSHED2019. Honda and Hero, after CRUSHED20, and Bajaj, Eicher, TATA and Hyundai after SafetyNiti21. Ashok Layland, Mahindra and TVS yet to engage meaningfully. Increased constructive engagement with the government with some on-thr-ground actions in Haryana but much more needed: Haryana ISH (Industrial Safety and Health) agreed to set up a joint ISH-Maruti-Honda-Hero discussion platform in 2021, and it has concluded one cluster safety assessment of 30 Tier 2 factories, 80%+ of which failed this assessment; lessons for the industry being drawn up for wider implementation. DG FASLI, India’s central factory safety advisory, conducted its first worker safety training pilot with us, hopefully with plans to scale up. More will be disclosed in 2023 blogs.

Pillar 3: Helping Improve quality of services for workers at ESIC in line with Vision ESIC 2.0

10+ national notifications by ESIC based on our service quality improvement recommendations in the past six years.

Released our third ESIC ki Baat, Aapke Saath-III, a periodic ground-up report on IP experience and worker voices. A notification on phase-wise online submission of life certificate has started in line with this report recommendation.

Donated advanced medical equipment for Rs. 1 cr to ESIC Faridabad hospital for better diagnostics for workers - thanks to HDFC Bank. These machines could not be bought under current ESIC Purchase policies. The initiative has provided us new insights to help improve ESIC medical services.

Received a national award from the labor minister in 2021 for our support to ESIC during COVID times. We aim to build on this.

Pillar 4: Improve worker-knowledge of ESIC and workplace safety.

Facebook Hindi page for workers, started in 2020 with the aim to reach 1m workers, organic followers increased to 45,000+ and engagement of 20,000+ per month. We also improved our reach and engagement by c.50% on our YouTube channel, Facebook English page and Twitter.

We continued with our annual lecture/workshop series at IIMA, APU, LSE and BITSoM to build awareness among future leaders. UNHR invited SII for a presentation on the issue.

Conducted “worker safety is good for business” event with the Ministry of MSME and QCI.

Started two seasons of the YouTube movie edutainment series Gang of Shramikpur, to empower workers with ESIC knowledge so that they can use ESIC facilities better. 20,000+ views already.

A few of the next three-year planned milestones for SII:

  • Expansion to main auto sector hubs nationwide: Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

  • Assist 25,000+ injured and non-injured workers with their ESIC healthcare and compensation.

  • Help injured workers to obtain a compensation value of Rs 100 cr.

  • Keep increasing the national coverage of the flagship reports, CRUSHED and Safety Niti series.

  • Intensify constructive engagement with stakeholders and evidence a reduction in worker injuries among 1+ cr supply chain workers.

  • Intensify engagement with ESIC for continuous improvements in the quality of ESIC services for 14+ cr Indian workers.

This annual review will not be complete without expressing our pride for our team, our supporters, our Shramik Saathis and our volunteers. The IIM Ahmedabad batch of 1991 started our funding in 2016 and has supported us through these six years, while many other illustrious supporters, including Azim Premji Foundation, Vikram Lal Foundation, IIMA92 batch, IIT Roorkee batches of 1988 and 1987 and, several others joined us, with Forbes Marshall as the latest.

At Safe in India, we will continue working towards improving worker safety and ESIC compensation and healthcare for India’s workforce. We cannot do this alone; we need your support and guidance.

Any donations before 31st March 2023 will receive match-fundings from our strategic supporters from the batch of IIMA91. Please donate here and advise us on

Have a safe and healthy 2023!

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