SII Safety and ESIC Advisory Panels

Mr. Dunu Roy :

Mr. Anubrotto Kumar Roy, popularly known as Dunu Roy, is Chemical Engineer by qualification,
social scientist by compulsion and political ecologist by choice. He runs Hazards Center in Delhi that helps marginal communities with anything difficult or dangerous. Dunu started his social career by working with Front for Rapid Economic Advancement (FREA) and dedicated his entire life working for the betterment of rural India. Dunu joined Sambhavana and headed their Buniyaad Program.. He had a brief stint at the World Wide Fund for Nature to monitor the effects of pollution on Habitat. Mr. Dunu Roy did his B. Tech. and M. Tech. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay.

Mr. I V Rao : 

Mr. I V Rao portfolio included Director, Maruti Suzuki Center for Excellence, Head, Research & Development, and Chief General Manager. He was instrumental in giving the company some of its most important products. Mr. Rao is seen as one of the innovators who devised frugal and
economically viable product development for a challenging country like India. He is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Kanpur.

Dr. Pavitra Mohan :

Dr. Pavitra Mohan is Director, Health Services and Secretary, Basic Healthcare Services, AAjeevika
Bureau. He is Co-founder and Director Aajeevika Bureau’s partner BHS (Basic Healthcare Services),
providing high-quality, low-cost services to the most vulnerable communities. Previously, Dr. Pavitra worked at UNICEF’s India Country Program for 9 years, leading its child health programs across the country. He is a fellow with the prestigious National Neonatology Forum of India. He trained as a doctor at Delhi University and and holds a Masters in public Health from the University of Carolina.

Mr. Ravi Duggal :

Mr. Ravi Duggal is an independent consultant and researcher who has done extensive work in the
field of public health. His current areas of interest include budgets, social accountability and
governance, universal access to health, health systems and financing strategies. Mr. Duggal is a
renowned sociologist with over four decades of work on public health issues including health policy, systems, financing, budgets, governance and accountability issues. Mr. Duggal has worked with International Budget Partnership, Action Aid, CEHAT, SWISSAID, Ministry of Health- Government of India, and FRCH. He has written extensively. He is M. A. (Sociology) and DBM (Management).

Prof Ravi Srivastava :

Professor Ravi Srivastava is currently Chairman of the Institute of Development Studies, Jaipur and
Professor and Director, Centre for Employment Studies, Institute for Human Development. He is

former Professor of Economics and Chairperson, Centre for the Study of Regional Development,
Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is a recipient of numerous awards and scholarships including the
Commonwealth and the Fulbright Fellowship.

Professor Shyam Sunder :

Prof Shyam Sunder is presently Professor, Human Resource Management at XLRI, Jamshedpur. He
has earlier been an Associate Professor in Economics and Head, Department of Economics at Mumbai University. He has participated in programs at International Institute of Labor Studies, Geneva, and has been a part of ICSSR program, Labor Reforms in China. He has a long list of intellectual contribution credits to his name having written on the subjects of Industrial Relations, Labor Statistics, Inspections, Contract Workers, Labor Unions, and other labor-related subjects in EPW, Journals of Labor Economics, and newspapers etc. He has presented papers and undertaken research projects on labor issues nationally and internationally. Prof Shyam Sunder is Ph. D. (Economics).

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