Safe in India Mar18 Quarterly Report: Driving systemic change through DG ESIC and the Labour Minister

April 12, 2018


Dear Supporters of Safe-in-India


We are pleased to report our progress in the first quarter of 2018. Another solid quarter when:

- We continued growing our ESIC activities and obtained Rs1.5 crore compensation (best ever and as much as the whole of 2017).
- Analysed data collected and had some amazing insights into systemic problems with ESIC compliance in factories.
- Drove systemic change efforts by escalating issue and recommendations to Director General ESIC and to the India’s Minister of Labour.


See a testimonial from Accha Lal, a 23 year old worker who lost his right eye in a factory accident on our youtube channel here

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Highlights of 1Q18:


ESIC Performance:

  • Registered and helped another 169 injured workers of which 43% (44% last quarter) asked for compensation assistance. This conversion rate, now steady at 40%+, reflects our now established credibility among workers who have started coming back to us for help.

  • Obtained 69 new compensations (previous quarter 34) amounting to Rs 1.5 crore (as much as the whole of last year). We plan to help 1000+ workers and obtain more than Rs 5 crore compensation in FY2018-19.

  • Conducted ESIC Awareness and Registration Campaign in 11 villages in Gurgaon/Manesar. Provided ESIC and SII information to more than 4000 workers. This will help thousands of them to obtain better health and compensation services from ESIC for themselves and their families.

  • Experienced some dramatic aggressive resistance from a few local ESIC staff, but our team has been able to manage it and most of ESIC staff remain cooperative with us.

Impact Report


  • We have now helped more than 1100 injured workers with healthcare and/or compensations, which have exceeded Rs 3 crore in 18 months of operations.

  • Our Monthly Impact Report until Mar18 is here.

ESIC Systemic Change



Safety Agenda

ESIC Data Insights

  • In Mar18, we concluded a clean up and analysis of our ESIC data-base with the help of MBA-interns from SOIL Academy. Highlights:

    a) 74% of workers were ESIC-registered AFTER the date of joining v/s their rule of the day of  joining!

    b) 57% of workers received their TIC (ESIC card needed to avail of the facilities) only AFTER the accident!

    c) 75% of workers were first taken to private hospitals and then to ESIC Hospitals despite the fact that in all these cases ESIC Hospital was nearer the location of accident!

    d) 43% of accidents happened during night shift of mid-night to 8am (one of three daily shifts)!

    These raise some serious issues and possible actions. That will be a subject of separate blog and recommendations to ESIC soon.




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Stay Safe!


The Safe-in-India team


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