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There is no better feedback for us to improve our services to the injured workers than what they themselves tell us. Here is what they have said.

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“I did not know anything about Accident Form” and other documents. I am thankful to team Safe in India, If they weren’t there, my work would not have been done” Ram Prakash,31, Lost two fingers in Power Press(Pension Amount: Rs 2905 per month). - Click here to read his letter

“Time to time I got correct and accurate information from Safe In India Center due to which my work in ESIC has been done quite easily” NeerayYadav, 29, Lost Index Finger in Power Press (Pension Amount: Rs1348 per month). - Click here to read his letter

"Safe-In-India has helped me receive Sickness and Temporary Disablement benefits. They have done all my work for free!" - Brijesh, 30, Uttar Pradesh, Right hand damaged in a molding machine. - Click here to read his letter.


"Safe In India took me in monthly  Suvidha Samagam meetings where I met the Director of ESIC. Now my pension started. Thank you!" - Kamal Prasad, 48, Nepal, lost his right forearm in a conveyor. - Click here to read his letter.


"With the help and guidance of team Safe In India all my ESIC problems have been resolved and now my pension has started." - Malkhan Singh, 32, Bihar, Lost Right Thumb in Power press. - Click here to read his letter.


"I was facing a lot of trouble in ESIC but Safe In India helped me in resolving all my problems. I am proud to be a part of team Safe In India." - Achche Lal, 22, Right Eye Visibility lost during Welding. - Click here to read his letter.

"My pension has been stuck for 10 months and I did not know the process until Safe-in-India told me. And now Safe-in-India has also helped me get a job with Airtel" - Chandan Kumar. Click here to read his letter.

"I had left for my village but Safe-in-India called me and pushed me to do the documentation progressed my pension" - Santosh Kumar. Click here to read his letter.

"We did not know about ESO SRO. Safe-in-India took us to their monthly Suvidha Samagam forum and helped progress our issues" - Worker Support Group.

"The ESI doctor wrote my injured hand as right-hand instead of left. I was stuck in ESI process as a result for months. Safe-in-India is now helping me to resolve this" - Ravi Kumar.


"I had given up all my hope that my pension would ever start but Safe-in-India helped me and now my pension has been made which is Rs71.63 per day ". Arjun Singh, Age 29 from Uttar Pradesh, Pension Started after 2 years of his accident. 

"I didn't know the process of ESI compensation but team SII helped me to submit all the documents without any charge and now I am confident that i will receive all my cash benefits and soon my pension will also start"  Dublesh Kumar Rajput, Age 21 from Uttar Pradesh. Medical Board done for pension after 18 months of Accident. See here his hand-written note of appreciation.

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