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Birds chirp ESIC information; A 2021 Calendar for workers. Help it fly!

How do we drive home awareness of ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation) benefits—its valuable offering of health services and compensation—to a worker base of 45 million (ideally anyone working in an establishment with more than 10 employees) plus their dependents?

In addition to ongoing community engagement, we now have a 2021 calendar in Hindi! 12 beautiful birds (thank you Anu and RP Singh at to bring some cheer to homes, with ten monthly messages for workers on ESIC and two on factory safety.

We’d love for this calendar to reach as many workers as it can. Here’s how you can help:

1. Print/Order: If you would like to distribute this calendar to workers (ESIC-registered already or those who should be), please write to us at We can provide a couple of copies free; if you’d like more, we can send them at Rs 70 per calendar (our cost - this is funded entirely by us; not be ESIC) and postage. If you need many, we can connect you with the printer and you can negotiate directly. Should you prefer to print yourself and distribute to workers, here’s a digital copy; If you choose to do so, we’d be thrilled to see pictures/a message from you over email, Twitter or Facebook!

2. Customize to your branding: If you prefer to use your own branding, we’ll gladly ask our designer/printer to change the logo, address and phone number to yours, subject to the worker messages remaining as is (since the purpose is to improve ESIC awareness). If you need the Safe in India ESIC helpline number to remain as is, we can discuss that too.

3. Spread this message: Please think of your contacts who hire more than 10 staff/workers and/or worker organisations and pass along this blog.

We did debate the environmental impact of paper calendars but the feedback from on the ground team and workers was overwhelmingly in favour.

We are hopeful that we’ll have more workers asking for and availing ESIC services that they are entitled to, also helping ESIC improve its services as workers demand more.

We will be back early January 2021 with our annual update for 2020.

What a year it has been - who here has not been impacted professionally and/or personally! Here is to wisdom gained in a tough year. Hope we do not forget what we learnt and build on that - for a better world!

Team Safe in India thanks you for your support and wishes you a fabulous holiday season and a super 2021!

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