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Safe-In-India Team Culture:

As Safe-In-India, we believe that we can succeed only through a commitment to values that we live by:

  1. Our reason to exist is to create a positive impact on safety for Indian workers and their lives after such accidents.

  2. We will never charge workers for our assistance. We will maintain high ethical standards.

  3. We are solution-centric and seek systemic long term solutions in both safety practices and ESIC.

  4. While delivering day to day quality output, we will not lose sight of the big possibilities and solutions.

  5. We are result-oriented. Ultimately, our success will be visible in not what we say, or even what we do, but in the results for the workers and Indian manufacturing.

  6. We are professional in punctuality, promptness, communication, behaviour and discipline.

  7. Safe-in-India is not and will not be aligned to any political party, labour union and other similar organizations. It is and will remain independent.

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