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Worker Safety Reports

We publish two annual reports - CRUSHED (ground up evidence of crush injuries to workers in the automobile brands' supply chain), and SafetyNiti (top down evidence of good and bad worker safety policies of automobile brands for their supply chain)

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5th Annual Report on worker safety in the Indian auto sector, with special focus on injured women workers


SafetyNiti 2023

Three years of tracking India’s top 10 auto sector brands’ OSH Policies for their supply chain: Gaps, Opportunities,  ices, Solutions: August2023

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Full Accident Prevention Report CRUSHED2022

Executive Summary of the Accident Prevention Report


SafetyNiti 2022

OSH Policies of top 10 auto-brands: August 2022


Accident Prevention Report CRUSHED2021


SafetyNiti 2021

OSH Policies of top 10 auto-brands: July 2021


Accident Prevention Report CRUSHED2020: September 2020

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