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Our Vision

Catalysing action to promote dignity of Indian workers and their families, and help Indian labour productivity, with sharp focus on:

Shaping the narrative of worker safety in the Indian automobile brands’ supply chain and nudge systemic level changes in Indian manufacturing.

Shaping the narrative of quality of ESIC healthcare and compensation services and nudge systemic level changes in social insurance.


Our Values

To achive our vision, we are guided by five key Values

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Maintain high professional and ethical standards. We will not take donations from automobile brands or from government

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Ensure worker-centricity (Put worker in the centre of all issues and solutions)

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Advocate for quality systemic solutions with constructive solution-centric engagement

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Remain result-driven, evidenced by growing positive impact - direct and indirect

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Remain independent and non-partisan


We would love to work with value-aligned parners on our focus areas and succeed together, in making a positive impact.

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