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Our Approach

To achieve our vision, we have developed four 'Pillars of Activities'

Pillar 1

Multi-State Worker Assistance Centres

Our Worker Assistance Centres advise and/or assist workers, injured and non-injured, with their and their family's healthcare and compensation from ESIC - India's social insurance that covers 35m+ workers and their families - c.10% of Indians.


We now have four Worker Assistance Centre in Haryana and Maharashtra. Our passionate community outreach team has met 10,000+ workers and assisted 7,000+ injured workers, while also helping them obtain Rs65cr+ value of compensation. The voice of these workers is captured to inform our other three Pillars of workplace safety, social security and building awareness.

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Pillar 2

Nudging Automobile Brands to Improve Workplace Safety in Their Supply Chains

More than 80% of 7,000+ disabled workers assisted by us are from autosector suppliers. 

We believe that the automobile brands have the most capability and managerial and technical resources, the commercial and political power and indeed the corporate responsibility to make a real difference.


With c.50% of Indian manufacturing GDP and 30m+ employees, direct and indirect, the top 10 automobile brands can help the country progress faster in manufacturing professionalism. 


We publish two annual reports: CRUSHED and SafetyNiti. These reports analyse evidence of the issues and solutions and make 5 operational and policy recommendations to these brands, and to relevant government agencies.

Pillar 3

Nudging ESIC to Improve Quality of Service Delivery to Workers and Businesses

Our focus in assisting injured workers with their compensations - especially Disability Benefits - has provided us insights in the quality of ESIC's service delivery.


We use this real evidence of workers' experiences with these healthcare and compensation services to provide regular feedback to ESIC for national/state level policy/process improvements.


We publish worker-voice through 'ESIC Ki Baat Aapkay Saath' reports to make tactical and strategic recommendations since 2017. In 2019, we were asked by the CAG for advice for ESIC audit.


We are delighted to have won the national award for assisting ESIC during Covid from the Hon'ble Labour Minister.


Pillar 4

Building Awareness: Amplifying Worker Voice for Change

We engage with worker communities through outreach, focus groups, and worker support networks like Shramik Sammelans.


Additionally, we leverage social media - maily whatsapp and facebook - for building awareness of workplace safety and ESIC healthcare and compensation services and amplify their voices through your YouTube Channels.


In 2022, we launched our first edutainment video series - Gang of Shramikpur - for workers who need ESIC's Permanent Disability Benefit - and it now has 125,000+ views on all channels.


See Worker Engagement Trends On Social Media


Through our efforts, we aim to empower workers with  knowledge on workplace safety and ESIC services. By equipping them with information, we enable them to take ownership of these issues and contribute to their solutions effectively.

How do these 4 Pillars of our Activities come together?
Please see this short video of our 2023 annual review.

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Do you think we are on the right track? 

Can we do anything better? Would you like to help in anyway? We would love to hear from you.

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