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We are always looking for value-aligned talent - those who are keen to contribute, with passion and intelligence, to the cause of Indian formal/semi-formal workers, their social security (ESIC) and to help accelerate professionalism and working practices in Indian manufacturing.

Current Jobs Available

Manager - E.S.I.C. (Employee State Insurance Corporation) Awareness:

The Manager- E.S.I.C. Awareness is responsible for overseeing and managing the Employee State Insurance Corporation (E.S.I.C) program awareness activities within the employers in and around Pune Maharashtra. This is a significant role to fulfill Safe in India strategy to expand its services from workers to employers and will therefore interact significantly with the senior management team.

This role will expand our ESIC-assistance from workers to employers. It will work closely with employers in Maharashtra and their workers to increase awareness, utilisation and compliance of ESIC schemes.

Communications Executive

This role is for someone who wants to communicate at scale with worker community and our other stakeholders (eg. auto sector managers) using social media.

Do contact us at and we would be delighted to have a chat.


Thank you for your interest in the cause of Indian workers and indeed in improving Indian labour productivity and professionalism in Indian manufacturing.

Current Volunteer needs

  1. Use of AI in advocacy, communications and organizational efficiency.

  2. Social media esp Linkedin, YouTube, Whatsapp campaigns and Facebook groups.

  3. Business case/arguments for improving worker safety for improving manufacturing professionalism, quality, efficiency, labour productivity, and similar.

Do contact us at and we would be delighted to have a chat.



We are always looking for keen young talent, who join us for at least one full month or minimum 3 months part time, to make a real difference to the work we are doing.


Interns should be at least graduates, with high academic record, and willing to engage with the workers, and do an assigned project, in any of our four Pillars, to high quality.


Cumulative working days should be more than 24.


We do not encourage those who want to do internships only to get a certificate for their college applications. We would rather spend our scarce resources on making a positive impact.


If you do join us, we promise you that we will ensure you get the needed guidance and support, and are successful in your internship, taking away valuable experience and learnings for your future career.


Our detailed Internship Policy is here, including an Application Form. If you have any questions/would like to apply, please write to

Current Internship Positions Available:


1. Using AI for our work. You must have prior knowledge and experience of AI and evidence showing your skill set.

2. Social Media content generation especially videos and creatives.


Do you think we are on the right track? Can we do anything better/differently? Would you like to help in anyway? We would love to hear from you at

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