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DG ESIC addresses workers' concerns; and messages for owners/managers and ESIC staff

Please spread this Hindi video message to worker communities for their awareness; and to industrialists and other establishment owners with more than 10 staff.

Safe in India Foundation asked DG ESIC, Shri Raj Kumar Ji, about a number of worker concerns with the awareness, quality, under-registration of ESIC services and the new labour security code.

In this informative talk, he talks about increasing ESIC coverage by district rather than sector, the illegality of employers not reporting all their workers to ESIC, improvements in 'value of money' for the employers to make ESIC more attractive for them, the right of workers to report erring employers directly to ESIC, the need to keep improving ESIC services, potential use of social media by workers for them to submit evidence/escalate matters, ESIC's MOU with Ayushman Bharat to provide greater coverage, and the benefits and distribution of the new ESIC Health Diary (inspired by Safe in India's Hith-laabh Diary). He also talked about the introduction of a new Welcome Kit to increase awareness of ESIC benefits (we had recommended this to increase service penetration and have been assisting with the design), the need for ESIC staff to provide better services, the aim for internal matrices for better performance management.

Shri Raj Kumar Ji encouraged organisations like Safe in India to keep providing feedback and recommendations at both policy and implementation level.

The questions we asked and addressed in this video are:

  1. Why are so many workers not aware of their ESIC entitlements? What is being done about it?

  2. Why do two-thirds of injured workers get their ESIC Card on or AFTER their accident? What needs to be done?

  3. Many establishments with more than 10 staff are not registered with ESIC. How can their workers complain to ESIC without taking personal risk?

  4. Why do majority of injured workers first go to smaller hospitals before going to ESIC Hospitals (often resulting in worse treatment and handicap)? How can this be changed

  5. Workers are not aware of ESIC's new Health Diary. How will it be distributed to workers so that they can use it effectively?

  6. What is needed to improve the behaviour of many ESIC staff towards workers?

  7. Will the new Labour Codes dilute workers' rights under ESIC?

  8. How can organisations like Safe in India assist ESIC in improving its services for workers nationally?

We will soon publish a full report on the start of ESIC systemic changes achieved and many more yet to be pursued.

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome at

Please spread this message to workers, industrialists and other establishment owners with more than 10 staff and like/subscribe our YouTube Channel.

Thank you

Safe in India Team

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