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Safe in India Quarterly Update Sep18: Highest Compensation Quarter ever!

Dear Supporters of Safe-in-India

We are pleased to report our eighth quarterly update for Jul-Sep18, when we collected more than Rs 3.2 crores in compensation (last largest quarter was Jan-Mar18 of Rs 1.5 crores). Our workers are delighted!

We also analysed 30,000+ data points of 1018 workers injured only in the automobile sector in Gurgaon. This analysis will result in a Report to be publicly released, after consultation with the industry and government, by Feb19 to prevent such accidents in the first place.

Our work was the cover story of the latest IIM Ahmedabad Magazine. Read it here. Our gratitude to IIMA batch of 91, IIT Roorkee batch of 88 and many others. ESIC Pillar Performance

Assisted another 160 (154 last quarter) injured workers with their healthcare, of which 46% (44%) asked for compensation assistance, reflecting our continued credibility among workers.

Helped obtained 76 (50) new compensations, of which there were 34 pensions (highest ever again), amounting to Rs 3.2 cr. ESIC Gurgaon accelerated the processing our workers’ pensions after our tremendous push past few months as we mentioned in our last blog. We still have a pipeline of Rs 5 cr backlog of compensations that we are pursuing.

Safety Pillar Performance

With the recruitment of our Head of Safety Initiative in Jun18, the team started the analysis of the 30,000+ accidents related data-points collected from 1,018 workers registered with us from the Gurgaon auto-sector supply chain. This analysis reveals some shocking insights, which we will publish as a public Report soon. Some highlights:

  • 88% of machines had no/malfunctioning safety sensors.

  • 53% of workers felt excessive production pressure from supervisors..

  • 52% accidents happen on only one type of machine – the power press.

  • 70% were in lower tiers (2/3/4) of auto-sector supply chain.

  • 70% were below 30 years of age.

  • 70% were contract workers..

We have now held consultations on the above with the central Labour department of Government of India and IICA (Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs). Next step is to ask the auto-manufacturers to step up the safety in their supply chain.

Impact Report

We have now helped 1,520 injured workers with healthcare and helped them obtain compensations of almost Rs 7 crores within 21 months of Centre operations. This in itself is a return of more than 10x on the expenditure incurred by us.

Our Monthly Impact Report until Sep18 is here.

ESIC and Safety Systemic Change

As reported in the last quarter, our interactions with ESIC, and the recent changes in top management at Gurgaon, have continued to improve the ESIC services in Gurgaon and we have started receiving some positive anecdotal feedback from workers. We have a first ever ESIC senior level workshop on our operational recommendations in Nov18 to work through these recommendations and hope to report significant progress soon..

Subsequent to our constructive meetings with the Labour Minister and additional secretary labour in the past six months, we are still awaiting status of progress on safety related recommendations while we continue to follow up regularly. We have yet to see any positive action from their side but hope to see progress in the last quarter of the year.

Worker Testimonials:

Sanjay Kumar, 43, lost his right hand little finger in a cutter machine:

“I met with an accident in Feb 2015 where I lost a finger. I had been struggling to get my pension from ESIC until I visited to Safe In India Centre in Feb 2018, three years after the accident. They helped me throughout the process and boosted my confidence. I finally started receiving my monthly Pension from Sep 2018. Thank you!”

Help us do more:

​Thank you again from the Safe-in-India team and we look forward to your continued support.

Our work is endless and long term. We need funding from Indian citizens. Click here for donation information and confirm your donation at

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