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Dear OSH Parliamentary Commission: Labour Occupational Safety and Health Draft Code needs a serious

The draft Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Code is an important document that, once finalised, will dictate Indian Government's laws, rules and implementation in near future.

A number of worker-centric organisations have provided their feedback to the Parliamentary Committee that will review this code over the next few weeks. So have we.

Here is our letter to the Parliamentary Committee which please spread to relevant contacts. Some of our key recommendations are:

1. Safety and health as a fundamental right.

2. Smarter use of available accident-data to prevent injuries and deaths.

3. Universality of cover, even if built up in phases.

4. Simpler safety standards for MSME, which are then implemented better.

5. Include safety standards for machines.

6. Use of technology to report accidents, including by workers themselves.

7. Specifically cover Accountability and Transparency of the relevant government agencies.

8. Aim to meet global best practice, even if in phases/gradually.

There are a number of other specific suggestions in the above document.

We hope that the Parliamentary Committee takes feedback from us and other worker-centric organisations seriously not only as a moral and constitutional imperative but also for long term labour productivity gains for the Indian industry.

Help us help Indian workers better. Please write back with any suggestions to

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