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Suggestions from four injured workers to auto-sector companies

"Our dream was a permanent job – to educate our kids, feed our families, store away some savings. This job meant a great deal to all of us."

"And we thought we ‘had it all’ – until we lost our fingers to factory accidents."

"It didn’t have to happen. For some of us, a safer power press machine, better safety gear or just more reasonable production targets could have made all the difference." 

"We learnt the good, bad, and the ugly, the hard way. Some of our companies were supportive, but only a few. Some of us had no choice but continue to work on the same machines to which we lost our limbs. Most of us faced our worst fear—being forced out of the company because we were now of no use."

Watch workers' talking about safety in their factories and their suggestions (8:10 minutes)

"In this video, we are four. But we are the voice of thousands of auto-sector workers who have a similar story to tell. We don't want our friends and colleagues to have the same fate.

Here’s our request to the car and two-wheeler brands and auto-component factories: Please improve our safety—a safer factory is a more productive factory. We can do better if you let us. Are you listening?" 

Wonder how you can amplify their voice? Help them by taking this two-minute poll

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Stay Safe!

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