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CRUSHED 2020 launch on Thursday; #JoinHandsToSaveHands

Dear friends and supporters of Safe in India

As you already know, thousands of migrant workers lose their hands and/or fingers in the auto-component making factories in India.

To address this problem, we launched our report CRUSHED 2019 last year at the Ministry of Labour, IIM Ahmedabad and with 200+ injured workers at Gurgaon. We are now launching its sequel CRUSHED 2020 with information received from 1,800+ workers injured in auto-sector supply chain, and with our updates on progress made with the auto-sector, with central and state government and its agencies, and other stakeholders.

The launch will be over a webinar, which we are pleased to say has an excellent representation from the auto-sector, academia and social sector.

Please support the cause of Indian migrant workers that we have all seen struggle in the past few months. Participate in the webinar which will address questions like: What are the findings of the report? Does auto-sector recognise the issue? What can they do about it? Will the proposed new OSH code reduce such accidents? What should the leaders and managers in the business-world do differently? What is the role of social sector and worker organisations? Please click on this zoom link to register or join on Thursday, 24th September, 230pm IST.

Please also follow and share the webinar information on our facebook page and on twitter and use #JoinHandsToSaveHands

What do our Panel Members say:

We look forward to your participation and for your support in spreading the word. Please invite anyone interested in causes of migrant formal/informal workers, industrial safety, auto-sector, auto-component manufacturing, worker rights, human rights and multi-stakeholder engagement.

Any thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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