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This Diwali, would you wish 10m+ auto sector workers a safer work-place? Here they are.

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

May this Diwali bring you, the auto-sector owners and managers, and every worker who makes your prosperity possible, happy times.

We hope you can find some time this Diwali to visit the homes of your workers and of those who supply you auto- components, and to share each others' happy experiences.

However, If you are busy with festivities, here are some very brief videos to give you a glimpse of many worker lives in the auto sector supply chain. Please do spend 10 minutes on them. Neetu Devi and her daughter Chulbul Pandey:

Shyam Dev and his songs:

A worker group discussing their factory:

A worker group discussing audits by their auto sector buyer companies:

A worker group discussing power presses in the auto sector factories:

We also thank the teams of the auto sector associations- SIAM and ACMA, and many auto sector brands, for committing urgent actions to improve the lives and labour productivity of 10m+ workers in the auto sector supply chain and to contribute better to the government's "Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikaas" strategy:

One again, a very happy Diwali and season of festivals to all.

Stay safe!

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