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Thousands of factory workers lose their hands or fingers, every year, in crush injuries in the auto-sector manufacturing, mainly as a result of poor safety culture and high productivity pressure. Most of them, working in smaller factories for large auto brands, get little support from management. Their healthcare and compensation from Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), where eligible, is often excessively bureaucratic and late. Many of them return to their villages having lost their fight with the inefficient and unsupportive system.


Safe-in-India Foundation (SII), a section 8 company, promoted and supported by the 1991 batch of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA91), focusses on three areas (a) provide free assistance to injured workers in their health-care and insurance claims from ESIC in Gurgaon, (b) Use this experience and data to influence ESIC to improve their services to all workers in Gurgaon and nationally, and (c) Influence auto-sector to prevent these accidents in their supply chain. Since starting a Worker Support Centre in Dec16, Safe-in-India has supported more than 2,400 injured workers and helped them receive more than Rs 18 crore compensation from ESIC (as at Sep20).

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